A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

The Difference between a Coroner and a Medical Examiner

>In the simplest of terms, a Coroner is an elected official, who, depending on state law, may only need to be 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license and the ability to pass a background check.  Scary!!!  Some states are a little more strict on who they will allow to run for office.  States such as Ohio require that you be a licensed physician with two years of practicing medicine before you can run for office.  A little less scary!!! 

A Medical Examiner must be a licensed pathologist (the way it should be- but that’s just my opinion) and is an appointed official.  What does appointed mean?  It basically means that a medical examiner can be fired just like anyone else.  A coroner has to be kicked out of office or forced to resign from office.  That’s a bit trickier.

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