A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

The Religious Guy-Part Three

>Where to begin with this one.  This guy is, overall, a nice guy.  Clean cut and practices good hygiene (I’ll explain that one later), a father of two, recently divorced.  He’s about ten years older than me.  He is also very, very religious.  Religion isn’t a bad thing but it’s not something I’m exposed to often.  Well, Religious Guy and I went out a couple of times and the dates were fun but there were occasions where he talked down to me like I was a child.  That’s never a good idea.

Let me be the first to admit that I have a potty mouth!  I work with people who have a potty mouth!  Having a potty mouth is just the way that I am.  Rest assured, I know when to mute the potty mouth and talk like a lady, but I typically save that vocabulary for more formal settings.

I can’t remember exactly when but during one of our conversations I either said “shit” or “fuck”.  That did not go over well with him.

Religious Guy:  “Use your nice words, missy!”

Seriously!  Did he just tell me to use my nice words?  WTF?

Me:  “I’m sorry.”

Religious Guy:  “It’s nothing to be sorry about.  But you shouldn’t talk that way.”

If he thinks I’m bad he should hear my grandmother talk, and she goes to church every Sunday.

Pause for a momentary silence……

Me:  “Does that rule apply to sex?  ‘Cause if so, you and I are gonna have some problems.”

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